About Intentional Man

Intentionally Building Lives of Significance Together

The Problem

As men, we juggle a variety of roles and shoulder numerous responsibilities, many of which are important and necessary. Life often doesn't cut us many breaks, making it a challenge to excel in all these different areas.

In the midst of all of the busyness, we may seek validation in inappropriate places, fall into reactive and passive routines, lose sight of our genuine priorities, and unintentionally distance ourselves from good relationships with other men.

The Solution

the 4 pillars of intentional man

Consistently Intentional

Being intentional in all the main areas of life on a daily basis.

Always Building

If you aren't moving forward, you are moving backwards.

Significance Over Success

Success is only about you. Significance is about others.

Growing in Community

We are better when we lean on the strength of other men.

In unison with those 4 pillars, we have adapted tools and resources based on principles that have stood the test of time to provide learning, growth, accountability, and community so that together we can reshape and re-establish what it means to be a successful man in today's modern world.

What Is Intentional Man?

Intentional Man is a faith-based organization that exists to inspire and equip Christian men to live intentionally, pursue God-sized goals, and build lives of significance. We seek to accomplish this mission by providing a community where like-minded men can grow together, training and resources on intentional living, group coaching programs, and individual coaching.

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Habits of an 
Intentional Man


In order to reach your full potential and become the man God created you to be, you must grow.


No longer cruise through life on autopilot. Go after your God-sized dreams by being proactive.


Make each day your masterpiece by focusing on the things that are the most important to you.


Develop the urgency to be your best on a consistent basis. Don't wait for the perfect time to get started.


Be intentional about the way you show up each day and how you consistently treat others


Build confidence by living a life that is in line with your values, beliefs, and mission. 

I'm Glad You're Here

Nothing brings me greater joy in life than seeing men reject passivity and step into their full God-given potential. I believe God created each one of us for a purpose and has given us unique gifts, talents, and abilities to use to glorify him. When we live with intentionality on a consistent basis, we allow God to work in our lives in ways we could not imagine.

I want to come alongside you in your journey. Your life is writing a story. What you do on a daily basis ultimately makes up the story of your life. I have a passion for seeing men rise up and become the leaders they were created to be. This world needs men who are living intentional lives. This world needs men who are proactively leading their lives and their families well. 

It is my hope and desire that through the community, tools, and resources of Intentional Man, God would move powerfully in your life and use you to do great things for his Kingdom. 

Jonathan McGinley
Founder of Intentional Man
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