In this episode, Jonathan discusses practical exercises to find more joy and fulfillment in your career. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, starting with a morning routine that sets the right mindset for the day. He suggests journaling prompts to focus on positive aspects and set intentions for the day. Jonathan also introduces the exercise of releasing tension and setting intentions between activities at work to reduce stress and increase purposefulness. By implementing these practices, you can bring more intentionality and satisfaction to your work.


  • Maintaining a positive attitude is crucial for finding joy and fulfillment in your career.
  • A morning routine can set the right mindset for the day and help you focus on positive aspects.
  • Journaling prompts, such as identifying something to look forward to and the kind of person you want to be, can bring more intentionality to your work.
  • Releasing tension and setting intentions between activities at work can reduce stress and increase purposefulness.
  • Implementing these practices can lead to a more satisfying and intentional approach to your career.


Alright welcome to the show thank you so much for being here i hope you're having amazing day so far and that this episode finds you at just the right time thank you for being a part of the intentional man community and for investing in your personal growth like i am so grateful to have people like you joined me on this journey of living more intentional lives and in the previous episode i sat down with john houlston for a discussion about finding fulfilment in our careers john started off his career as a tv reporter then he spent seventeen years in law enforcement and now has made a successful transition into the real estate field and in all three career paths he talked about how he was highly intentional and how he knew is why and how those were two of the main factors that contributed to his success in his fulfillment in each and so i'd encourage you to check out that episode to hear more details on exactly how he has done those two things throughout his career.

He gave a lot of really good stories and tips and tools to maintain intentionality and to keep that why consistently in front of you to keep pushing you forward but today i want to go a little deeper and to give some really practical exercises that you can implement to find more joy in your career on a daily basis and for most of us men we spend a large majority of our life working right like it's a necessary part of life.

It's an area that can bring a lot of joy and satisfaction and for sure can be an area that brings a lot of stress can bring some fear can bring some frustration you may find yourself in a situation right now where you love your job or you might find yourself in a situation where work is difficult and feels like a constant burden but no matter what season you find yourself in right now i believe you can use the following exercises to bring more intentionality to your day and hopefully find more satisfaction in your work on a daily basis when things are not going well at work or it's something that we don't enjoy the temptation is definitely to start to develop a very negative attitude about work like i know i've been there before but i think even if your boss is difficult if your co workers are driving you crazy your clients are causing you a lot of stress one thing that we can always control is our attitude and the more negative that you're attitude is toward work, the more negative your experience is going to be.

The more positive your attitude is the more joy you're going to find in your career it's very natural to start becoming negative when things are going poorly or you don't like your job and though that can feel really good at the time a negative attitude will not help you enjoy your job more it just won't it's ultimately going to make you enjoy it less and less so how do we keep a positive attitude

even when things are going poorly or even if you do actually mostly like your job like how do you keep a positive attitude on a consistent basis and like most things we talk on this show i believe that it starts with preparation it starts with being intentional about having a good attitude and yeah this takes time and it takes work but it's worth it if we're going to work the majority of our lives we might as well make the most of it and i think to do that you got to start being intense when you're living a passive and reactionary in life a lot of time you're going to let your job in your circumstances dictate your attitude in your joy but when you're living a pro active and intentional life you will let your attitude and your joy dictate your job and your circumstances so here are a few ways that i like to do this and i think it starts with your morning routine and i know we talking about this a lot seems like every personal development person out there is always talking about morning routines but i believe that your time in the morning is really crucial to setting your attitude right for the day if you leave the morning stressed in your in a rush you're probably going to feel stressed and rushed most of the day if you leave the morning with a negative attitude dreading every activity for the day you're probably not going to enjoy the day that's just how it goes typically so that's why this is so important

morning routine can be a critical step to setting yourself up to have a positive attitude to find more fulfillment throughout your day and to look for those areas where you can find some joy so my challenge to you would be to wake up fifteen minutes earlier if you're not already doing some sort of morning routine just wake up fifteen minutes earlier and go through the following journal prompts if you're in a season where you're feeling negative about work or you're not experiencing the fulfillment that you would like so here's kind of first question first prompt that you can ask yourself in the morning get a note book write down your answers to this and i think this is really going to help you kind of get that positive attitude going as you had to your day so question number one what is one thing that i am looking forward to today what is one thing that I'm looking forward to today and then right out your answer to that this is one of the best questions to lift yourself out of a negative mindset and to turn it to something positive like this question forces you to find something positive it forces you to find something you can enjoy even if your day is full of really stressful meetings there's i'm sure there's still something that you can find in your day to really look forward to and when we set our minds on something positive first thing in the morning were usually going to find more positivity throughout the day this will give you something to look forward to and to be excited about even if there are difficult things ahead so that's the first question what is one thing that i'm looking forward to today right out your answer to that each day the second question to ask yourself is what kind of person do i want to be today this could be just a one word answer or it could be a sentence that could be a long answer could be short whatever whatever it is but think through how you want to show up today think about how you want to interact with people think about how productive you want to be think about how joyful you want to be like

picture yourself crushing the day and what does that person look like and again we're creating positive emotions from the beginning of the day i believe that one of the best ways to find more joy in life is to live in congruence with the person that you want to be so like if i want to be an encouraging person that i'm going to find a lot of joy if i'm actually encouraging the people throughout the day if i want to be a productive person than i'm goin be way more satisfied with my work if i was highly

productive during the day makes sense right so by asking yourself this question you're reminding yourself of the person that you want to be at the very beginning of the day which will give you a way higher percentage actually following through then if you were rushing now and not thinking about these things and just kind of quickly reacting to everything that's thrown at you and so another question that one was number two another great question to ask yourself is who needs me on my A game today and by connecting your work to someone in your life who is important you're connecting to something that's bigger than just accomplishing tasks like in writing this podcast episode today and preparing for this like i know that i need to be on my a game for you for the listeners of this show like that motivates me to do a better job that makes me enjoy the work so much more because it becomes more about helping other people instead of just doing a

your task and so even if your day is boring like if you can connect your work to someone you love or someone you want to impact the work automatically becomes more meaningful and like if you're on a job that you hate but it's providing the living for your wife and your kids you can go to work each day knowing that your work is meaningful like connect to something bigger than yourself each day and you're really going to start to enjoy the mondaine tasks a lot more so that's a great question to ask yourself the last one

that i like to ask is how do i want to feel when my head hits the pillow tonight most of the time we don't think about this question until our day is actually already over like at that point it's too late we can't go back in the day so for me i want to be proud of myself at the end of each day i want to know that i enjoyed today that my life mattered today that i brought joy to others today that i live for something greater than myself that i accomplished the things that i wanted to accomplish but if i have no idea

what those things are then how am i supposed to consistently hit them if i have no idea what would make today special then most likely i'm not going to make today special if you want to build a life that you're proud of you need to build days that you are proud of it starts with making with having very successful days and those great days turn into great weeks and those great weeks turn into great months which turn into great years and so i don't want to livery react

nary life each day and leave my life up to chance like i just want i don't want to do that i don't want to go to work each day not enjoying the things that i'm doing i think the best way to fight this is to get intentional and to take the time in the morning to set yourself up right for the day it really could make the world of difference so those are some great prompts that you can use to just get in the right more mind set every single morning to develop some positive positivity and to have things to look forward to each dayBring a little more intentionality to your work and i think that could really help kind of shift that mind set especially if you're finding yourself consistently in the negative mindset this is something that would be huge to start to try just say hey i'm going to take one of these are gonna take all of them m gonna just journal about them in the morning i'm gonna start choosing to have a positive mind set on a daily basis um and the last tool i want to leave you with is it's actually something that i've talked about previously on the show but i think it's such a good exercise when we're really talking about fulfillment at work and so i just wanted to discuss it again but this is something i picked up from brandon burchard and it's an exercise he calls released tension set intention and the promise i gave you earlier they're goin to sest you up for success in the morning help you get the day started right this exercise will keep you set up throughout the entire day so how it goes is basically whenever you transition between activities at work take one minute to release tension

and then set your intention for the next activity and what he means by released tension this is to take about a minute to stop to breathe and to let go of any stress from the previous exercise or any of the anxiety you have about your next exercise if you move from one stressful activity to another that can very easily lead to burn out so taking one minute to clear your mind could be huge and he suggests even saying the word release

over and over as you breathe in and out how you do it is up to you but taking the time to stop and release some stress before just plowing into the next activity can make a huge difference and then the second part is set intention and this means to think through what you're about to do and to set your intention for that activity so if you're going into a meeting you can quickly determine how you'd like to show up in that meeting how you want to interact with the people that you're going to see there

what's the outcome of the meeting that you're going for if it's if it's not a meeting if it's just moving on from one task to the next set the intention for how well you want to do the next task how quickly do you want to do it how productive do you want to be in the next thirty minutes think through those things set your intention for the activity and move on no matter if you love your job or just like your job like this is a great exercise to break up the day and to look for ways to release stress and to find more fulfillment in each activity so that's released tension set intention you're doing that between each kind of major activity throughout the day you can get a handful of those in each day and it could make a huge difference with the stress the anxiety and just the purposefulness that you're bringing to each day at work so hopefully this exercise will help you move to a more positive attitude when it comes to your career if this feels like a lot with these prompts and with that exercise just choose one of them. Start small and just begin there and just do something today to start becoming more intentional about your attitude and just see how it transforms your life so thank you again for joining today it's always a privilege to be with you and to grow together now go and live a life you're proud of by living intentionally and we'll see you next time.


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