Welcome to the Intentional Man Podcast, where we inspire and equip men to lead lives of intentionality and reach their full potential. I'm Jonathan McGinley, your host and a life coach dedicated to helping men like you create the life you desire and live a story of significance through intentional living. Thank you for joining us.

In our last episode, Chris Bruno and I delved into the concept of preparing for the second passage of a man's life. Chris highlighted the transition from manhood to sagehood, emphasizing the importance of wisdom and mentorship in guiding younger men through life. One key obstacle Chris identified was the constant search for validation, often leading men to seek validation externally, which rarely satisfies their deeper longing to feel truly affirmed as men. We discussed the power of our words and actions in bringing validation to others, especially those lacking positive male role models.

Reflecting on this conversation, I realized the importance of intentional relationships and the role we play in encouraging and validating others. Today, I want to share three practical steps to cultivate intentional relationships and uplift those around you.

First, clarify the kind of person you want to be in your relationships. Identify three words that describe how you want to interact with others, such as consistent, inspiring, and intentional. These words serve as guiding principles for your behavior and interactions.

Second, make a daily commitment to encourage someone in your life. Start your day by writing down the name of one person you can uplift through a text, a call, or a word of encouragement in person. This simple practice fosters a habit of intentional kindness and strengthens your relationships.

Third, implement the "release tension, set intention" exercise throughout your day. Choose a consistent trigger, such as sitting at your desk or getting in your car, to pause, release any stress or tension, and set an intention for your next interaction or activity. This mindfulness practice helps you approach each moment with purpose and positivity.

By incorporating these three steps into your daily routine, you can become a more intentional and impactful presence in the lives of those around you. Remember, your words and actions have the power to bring life and encouragement to others. Embrace the opportunity to be a source of validation and inspiration, and watch how it transforms not only the lives of others but also your own.

I encourage you to try these exercises and share your experiences with me. Whether you have questions, feedback, or success stories, I'm here to listen and support you on your journey toward intentional living. Together, let's strive to live lives we're proud of by living intentionally. Thank you for tuning in to the Intentional Man Podcast, and until next time, pursue a life that matters by living with intention.

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