In this episode of the Intentional Man Podcast, the host reflects on the theme of passivity discussed in the previous episode with Carl Sutter. He acknowledges the prevalence of passivity among men and shares his personal struggles with it. Through candid discussions with mentors and friends, he confronts the belief that he must be perfect to have credibility, recognizing it as a root cause of his passivity. Encouraging listeners to identify their own limiting beliefs, he emphasizes the importance of vulnerability, honesty, and surrounding oneself with supportive relationships to overcome passivity and live with intentionality. He concludes by inviting listeners to join him on the journey of self-discovery and personal growth, offering support and guidance along the way.


Welcome back to the Intentional Man Podcast. Thank you for being here and for taking the time to join the show and to invest in your personal growth. I know there are many other great podcasts out there, so I'm extremely grateful that you're here today. I hope you leave feeling inspired and encouraged.

In my last episode with Carl Sutter, we discussed the issue facing many men today: passivity. We talked about what male passivity means, where it comes from, and its effects on ourselves and our loved ones. I encourage you to listen to that episode if you haven't yet. However, when I was considering this episode and what I wanted to discuss today, my first thought was to give some tips on how to fight passivity. I began putting my thoughts together, but then I had two great conversations this week with some awesome men in my life that challenged me.

One of Carl's main tips on fighting passivity was having great men around you whom you can be fully honest with and who can challenge you. I've heard this a lot and even discussed it on the show, but this week, I experienced its full effect. So, I wanted to have an honest conversation with you today about how I've been wrestling with passivity recently. I hope it encourages you and resonates with you.

Passivity is something I've fallen victim to many times in my life. It has caused me to miss out on great opportunities, not speak out for things I believe in, and it has affected my relationships. This issue is one of the main reasons why I started this podcast. As I fight against my tendency toward passivity, I want to inspire and equip you to fight it with me. Passivity is robbing many men of our God-given purpose and mission. It keeps us on the sidelines when we need to step up, prevents us from pursuing big dreams, and hinders us from being the leaders, fathers, husbands, and friends we are meant to be.

With this podcast, focusing on living with intentionality, it's tempting to act like I have all the answers or that I have everything figured out. However, the reality is I'm in the middle of this journey, just like you. I've made enough mistakes in this area to have found some tips and tools that help, but I'm constantly trying to grow in rejecting passivity. I think it's something I'll fight against my entire life, as will many other men. So, if you feel stuck in passivity, be encouraged—you're not alone. We all need to fight this on a consistent basis, and I'm thankful we have this community of men who refuse to fall victim to passivity.

Recently, I feel like I've been slipping back into a more passive lifestyle. I've been coasting in some areas, not pursuing my dreams with urgency, and feeling held back. I reached out to a mentor, a good friend, and a wise person for help. During our conversation, he asked me a question that hit deep: "What is the main lie you are believing about yourself right now?" It was a profound question, and it made me reflect. The lie I was believing was that I was a fraud. I felt I needed to have everything together, live almost a perfect life, and meet impossible standards to have credibility. These thoughts have been a recurring struggle for me, putting immense pressure on myself and leading to passivity.

When I start believing these lies, I fall into passivity because I doubt my ability to live up to those expectations. I hold back, fearing failure or that others won't respect me if I'm not perfect. I'm being vulnerable and honest because I know many men face this issue. It often leads to hard, painful lessons before realizing what's happening. But you shouldn't have to hit rock bottom to recognize these thoughts or any other lie forcing you into passivity.

Trying to be perfect or act like I have it all together usually results in having the least impact and credibility. No one wants a relationship with someone who never makes mistakes. We're all human, and part of being human is not having it all figured out. So, I want to release you from the pressure to perform or meet impossible standards. True growth happens in vulnerability and honesty. The biggest impact comes when we admit our inadequacies and humbly strive to grow.

Passivity is often rooted in lies we believe about ourselves. If you recognize areas of consistent passivity in your life, there's likely a deeper issue at play. So, I want to ask you the same question I was asked: What is the biggest lie you are believing about yourself right now? Take a moment to pause and reflect. Identifying and confronting these lies is crucial to overcoming passivity.

Once you identify the lie, identify the truth—the opposite of that lie. Write it down and review it frequently. Let the truth propel you toward a life of intentionality. You are talented enough. You do have what it takes. You don't have to be perfect to have an impact. Dismiss the lies holding you back and start taking steps toward your full potential.

I believe in you. There's an amazing life waiting for you on the other side of that lie, on the other side of passivity. Don't wait any longer. Take the step now. Join me on this constant journey of fighting passivity and living intentionally. Find people who can ask you the hard questions, challenge you, and support you on this journey. These relationships are invaluable.

Thank you for joining me today. I hope this episode was an encouragement to you. Please reach out if I can help in any way. I'm here for your success. Now, go and live a life you're proud of by living intentionally. We'll see you next time. Thank you for tuning in to the Intentional Man Podcast. If you enjoyed this episode and would like to support the show, please share it with others, post about it on social media, and leave a rating and review.

If you're looking to take your life to the next level, accelerate your success, and live more intentionally, I would love to help. Shoot me a text at 970-430-6085, and we can schedule a time to discuss your vision and goals. Again, that's 970-430-6085. Thanks again for listening, and until next time, live a life that matters by living intentionally.

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